Sunday, May 24, 2009

Love Letter for Him ^^

'Am I listening to Him?'
' What do I pray for?
'Will he forgive those my sins?'
' Is that the right way or the Truth?'
' What is the truth?'
Open up your heart, and lift up your heart. Let's make the movement of God spirit come into your soul.
(Quoted form Father speech, 24 May 09)

*The angles that color my life*

I felt empty... I felt there's a lot of space here.. Loneliness of something..
Eventhough this week was really pack for me, but I felt nothing..
Tiredness  is my result and some experience from my company.
I am appreciate with all of this new experience.. 
I will gain new lesson after I came back from my intern field and I belive that.
On top of that, I felt there's something goes wrong to me.

First of all, I am really proud to have those big miracle and an extremally blessing from Him.
When I went down and begging on my knee..
When I felt really down and depress, He sent me a few angles to help me and save me.
Well, I should said this to all of them..

Thank you so much to my Mum, Dad, Sis, and my bro...
They all are my heroes that gave me support and made me strenght with this reality.
And of course, my beloved friends: Vinny, Nadia, Mami Elaine, Jane, Casper, Max, etc.
Thanks for the advices, supports, and they made me became a new Christin.
Christin that never give up and always smile.
Thanksssss a lot guys, I am really appreciate with these... 
Thats friends are for. 
They always beside us when we down and help us to find the right direction.
 ( Love you guys! You are the best! ^^)
And finally, 
thank to Mr.W to help me. 
Thanks a lot for your help and made me a bit chill down at that time. 

And you know what? 
I had decided to choose my current company which is Asia PR at Ampang. 
I admit that it is very very far away and ofcourse it costly. 
I need to sacrifice with my decision.
 I haven't give up yet because I knew, what I have done I need to responsible for that. =) 

What do I need right now?
Obviously, I need more rest because I am really tired to do travelling for 6 days in 1 week.
And I also need to do my logbook for my college report.
But, the most importantly, I need Him.
To fill up my empty heart and grow the spirit in here.
I am seeking for the truth. And I am looking for the lightness.
Listening his voice and his question are the simple way to knew him.
Basic Question that we need to think of:
'Am I communicate with him?'

I miss Him and I really love Him.
I believe, He loves me more than I do.
Thanks Jesus, You are my savior. 

-Love, Your daughter-


Life for me is a miracle. The secret that human can't ever know.
The truth that He need us to know which is He love you.

Cheers, people..!! ^^

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