Monday, May 4, 2009


I found and realized that without songs, there's no more peace in this world.
A song is a combination from thousand fantastic chords.. It will become a wonderfull song when we know the combination.
It just like this video.. Love story by Taylors Swift.. combination with Viva Lavida (Cold play)..
Check it out..

I wish I can play piano or cello... but, i believe everyone has different talent in theirself.
Although I can't play both of them, but i believe if I have an effort to learn and try, I could play it fluently.
Well, this is a great instrument tht i ever knew.. so, yea.. try and listen this instruments..
It will make your heart relax, peacefull, and just like what I feel right now..

Moral study: One thing that we do in faith and love will produce the greater result..

Cheers, people...!! =)



Wins said...

this video is excellent.

good music.... amazing!!!

who would've thought these two songs had more in common that we expected.

-ay4- said...

yeap..!! i agreed..!!
hope one day we can combine another brilliant song... lol ^^


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