Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Other Way

There's always opposite things happen:

'Black or white'

'Dark or Bright'

'Left or Right'

'Bad or Good'

'Hate or Love'

'Enemy or Friend'

Anything could be happen just like the way we think..
Thinking in other way, dark side or bright side...

Why there's always opposite way in this world?

We as a human, need to think in the different way..
Once we get how to think in the correct way, we can get it..

Me personally, I wish I can know where's my way belongs to.

I wish I can see the black and white on my life

I wish I can know which one is good or bad things

And in the end,

I wish I can know which way I am going to

because I am just too weak to walk alone in the middle of my way
I need someone to guide me
I need someone to walk besides me..
Not infront nor behind me...
It's just beside me..

Things are just changing quickly. Anything could be happen without we realized it
Something impossible will be possible if there's faith and effort into it
Something sour will beco
me sweet because it has a value
I believe 
Tommorrow will be better than yesterday..

*Cheers, people* ^^
World is just awesome..!!

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