Thursday, April 30, 2009


~~~STUDY LEAVE is started..~~~~

This is happen every morning when I open my eye and wake up
 It's because of  I remember with the term of  'INTERNSHIP'
Gosh, i never scared like this before..
Waiting for the answer...!!! I am totally hate it..!!
I bet a lot of us also do not like for keep waiting and waiting...

I am totally scared since last month. 
When my lecturers told me, 'It's the time for u to go internship'
What's across my mind?
I scared..!!
Well, think towards I will enter career wolrd sooner or later.. and hell no!!!
I felt I just a small kid that didn't know anything about it...
I am really scared.. Even when I wanna send my resume to the company..
My heart beated so fast and bad imagination came into my mind..

A few days later after i sent it to the companies.. 
Alice called me to prepare for ur interview..
Believed or not.. I am totally couldn't sleep.. 
I always think about it.. I am nervouse, scared, and no confidence at all..
Every two days I called my mum and my dad to make me came down..
Every day i texted my sis, my dad, my mum to make me stronger of those pressures..

Well, I know I just too sacred.. And yea.. I am scared.. till now...
Every time my friends asked me. 'How's ur interview?'
Hw's the results? Accepted??
*Shout loudly*
I am totally do not have idea about it..
I just wish and hope everything just be OK...
but, in the end we still can't guess the future will be..

To be honest, I did a lot mistake during the interview.. 
I just tell the truth.. Whateva i thnk, i just said it.. and well, unbelieveable..
In career job, don't be too honest in answering the question..
Spin the words.. It's important.. 

Everytime I remebered about the interview things..
I felt guilty, I wanna turned back to that time and fix anything my mistakes..
Well, I hope Mr.J will gv me the good news on Monday..
Worst come to worst, I need to find another company..
(Seriously, this is just intership and I am scared like hell)
Imagine when I faced career job, *speechless*

Wish anything will be fine and I have a big luck for this year


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Wins said...

have faith in what u do.



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