Monday, April 13, 2009

I Miss Him and Her right now

*My lovely Dad and Mum*

Mum and her cutest daughter..

It seems very long day for me..

They just went here almost 1 month ago, but right now I miss them

I miss my mum and my dad...

I felt enjoyed when travelling with them..

Went down to Malacca, did medical check up, makan culinary, shopping ( the happinest that i ever had) lol.. Stayed over in KL 1 day in quite expensive hotel..

Well, I guess we spent a lot of money for this jouney it self..

In conclusion, I felt lucky to have both of them..

As in not in money term whereby they spent me a lot of money..

I felt lucky to spend time with them during my peak time table.

I felt lucky after this journey, i had briliant experience

and I realize I won't be like who am I rite now without them..

Well, right now and in this moment, I couldn't describe my happinest..

There's a lot things we couldn't explain just by words..

The key is only time can reveal all of this things..

What will I do to tell them that I loved them so much?

In the end, only time could answer it..

Hope my future will be brighter like I wish.. 

And u know, in the end,,, as I child I will treat them like they treat me before..

Although it wouldn't be much like they did to me.. but I am sure I could make them happy.

What could I do for this time? 

One simple thing that I can do is love them from the bottom of my heart.

They won't expect me to love them and make them like a King or God..

But, I realize they are my God, they are my angels in this world.. They are my parents.. They are everything for me...


I am totally miss them...

Mum and Dad, u gave me support everytime I went down..
Mum and Dad, u are forgiver when I did wrong..
Mum and Dad, I love You... ^^

I believe, this is just a simple word... Love..

But, through the meaning, it wasn't really simple when u love someone deepdown from ur heart.

I swear to be a better child for them
because they create me into a great person like right now..

They are my heroes.. and I am proud to be their child
I am proud to be 'Kang'

Thanks God...
I love you... ^^


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MelzKC said...

hey tin~ sorry i just saw your comment on my blog, haha, my email notification a bit cacat.. :p yup~! finally i get to go bandung! hehehe~ i'll be going there in the month of September, as to what date, that i'm nt too sure.. go singapore? haha, off all places why sing oh? :P freak out with all things? what kind of things freak u out? O.o lho.. u can buy guitar at indo also ma, haha~ more easy for u, you from there, got higher change to go back, i have to ask others to help me by~ :D


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