Friday, December 2, 2011

Take a look and judge your self


I'm here to share something good that might be possible to entertain you.
If you think you re an expert of music, video, or something similar into this field, please don't hesitate to give some comments on it. Or you could help them to like and share this awesome video's on fb. WHo knows they deserve to stand a chance and win from this BMW competition.

My thumb already given on the BMW's page.
Let me give a rate for this short movie: 8,97 ova 10 i suppose :p
Personally, i love the story line and the camera angle. The editing part was great as well as the music background. :)

So, why should I introduce this short movie to you?
Simple answer: 'Have you ever listen to a group band name called

Once Upon A Time There Was A Sausage Named Bob?'

Yeap, their name band is unique and incredibly the longest name I ever heard off :p
You could like their facebook pages and try to take a look into their music MV - Truth to be Told. and perhaps you gonna like it! :)

How do I know them?
hahaha.. the guitarist of Once Upon A Time There Was A Sausage Named Bob was one of my colleague in Avante. Damn! I didn't notice his long hair shows that he's a rocker! Woots! Yes, he is an expert of guitar and he has hidden talents of shooting, editing, and etc. So, we are talking to the expert now. :p
In the first place, he bribed me with free CD of their band :p. And as the result, I've been addicted listening their song every morning before I left to work.

Indeed, we are the audiences and the judges. Meanwhile, do support them, if you think they are creative, cool, and rocks! They did performed in some privates colleges and universities in Malaysia. I bet their name is getting popular day by days. Well, don't forget to reserve a VVIP's sit for me if you guys really become a Malysians' star someday :)


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