Monday, November 28, 2011

The bittersweet

Hey there! '')

It's been more than a month for me to be here in Indonesia.
It feels good to come back to my hometown. I feel comfy, happy, and being blessed to be able to reunion with my whole family (i even could visit daddy at ashes house).
If you ask me, is this the final journey of your chapter?
I will answer, nope.

I'm still living with my imaginary hopes and wishes.
I have thousands of plans for my future yet I've none in my mind about my current situation.
This what we called pathetic.

Frankly to speak, half of my heart is feeling empty and bitter.
It's hard to believe that I took this decision. It's difficult for me to avoid this kind of situation.
I believe it's been planned by him and now I'm following his plan.
Absolutely, I understand the meaning of 'no turning back'

I missed all those old chapters that I've been created and filled.
Fun, joy, tears, and craziness that we had been through.
My college and uni life, internship and part time works' life.. those are bittersweet momentous.

It's kind of funny when I closed my eye and thought of my first week been in msia.
My tears dropped like a waterfalls, felt lonely, and the world was miserable.
Eventually, when I blinked my eyes, those sad stories turned to be a sweet memories.
And now, when I opened up my eye, here I am.. I missed those bittersweet stuff.

Let me share some unforgettable moment that has been recap by my lovely colleague.
If you could see this video, it's gonna explained all my journey in the past three months lately.
I promise you to introduce all my lovely friends in the next post, because they had wrote something special in my heart.
I feel blessed to have all of them...

On the highlight, when somebody told you that msian are cocky and sniffy, I will prove you that ideology was wrong.
Please don't get me wrong, I'm not bias, but I'm sharing my own personal experience that gonna be wasted if I never say it out.

Thanks Lord for your stories and thanks to you everyone.
I love you guys and obviously I miss KL so much!
and so do you, dear.
miss ya.

With love from here,
Christin Natalia, Kang

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