Thursday, September 23, 2010

Aunty in 21 years old! :)

Look at her when she smile! =)

This cute baby is an approval that I am officially become aunty by today onwards! :)

She was born on 23 September right after the Autumn Mooncake Festival with 49cm height and 3.1kg weight. She was born normal and the mother is fine too.
What a bless for us. :):):)

Again, she is one of the reason who make our family brighter.
Another Kang was born and another girl team from Kimpo Family has been increase.
Welcome to our family, Gea.
I believe this little and tiny cute baby was sent by Him to fulfill our family joy and happiness.
I wish she will become a great one when she grew up later.

We love you, Georgia! :)

(even uncle casper also being addicted to look at your face everyday through facebook!) hahaha :):):)

I can say she's photogenic especially when she sleep! :)
A few poses proved that baby can talk and express their feeling towards us! =D

You are so cute, baby! :)

With love,
Aunty Aya =)

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