Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mr. Friendly Ghost turned up 21 :)

Someone is officially turned up to be 21 years old.
He's officially became a mature man, where everything is legal!:)

It's the special day for him.
It supposed to be a surprise for him, but end up he knew it :(
A bit sad when the plan was not truly success but end up, IT WASFUN! :)

So, there are 11 of us (included, Mr. Busy Issac Lim who cant really join us on that night)
Blame me for the last minute plan, and blame me for the fun that we had yesterday night.

We decided to choose Seoul Garden with the buffet style in Puchong, IOI mall.
The food was nice especially the lamb! Love to the max! :)
The prize is equivalent with the food.
Overall, it's not bad at all. =D
We enjoy it and we have fun.
You can refill anything you like over there and it's HALAL! :)

Cheer up for the friendly ghost's special birthday! :)

Me & Him, the beloved one! :):):)

Best best friend =D

The girls at the night! :)

Animal crew! We were using the same brand at that night! WohOo..

And next, the birthday boy requested to go 'Sing K' and have fun even though we still have assignment that need to hand up by the day after tml. Yet, the treat is on him. So, we are UP & ON, baby! :)

Venue: New Way, Bandar Puchong.

Starter, with Korean Song with tittle Sorry Sorry or whatever the name is! =)
Of course, the song chosen by Ms. Chong Soo Hui.. :)

The room was getting hot and see how exciting they were! :)
Everyone sang out very loud and crazy!

Even this guy! Climb up and sang with high pitch voice! beh! :)

And of course the birthday boy too!

In the end, at 2 o'clock, Mr. Friendly ghost make a wish and blew up the candles.
It was ice cream cake by Baskin Robbin. I like the ice cream, vanilla flavor, birthday boy favorite flavor.

So, we finished around 4 o'clock in the morning, some of us lose their voice, and me my self, i fell of sleep over there! LOL..

Overall, the party was so good. It consider as a big celebration where everyone that we loved were there for you.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, darling! :)
Hope you enjoy ur day and the present too! We love you!!! <3

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