Thursday, September 30, 2010

The end of September

When Green Day says: 'Wake me up when September Ends', I am totally awake, man! :)

So, let me share something to you.

Remember when I told you about my photo competition with the Citin Hotels thingy?
Over all, out of 15 competitors there is one girl who really beatus from the last 2 days of the due date.
Gosh! I still can remember how we felt when we found outthe time was really ticking so fast. And the girl was so enthusiasm to win. She can achieve 20 people to vote for her in few mins. What amaze man! And the most stressful was we still having class till 5pm whereby the final date close at 7pm. Imagine how fast we need to rushing back for our vote.

It was really fun, exciting, yet it's stressful. A good thing from this competition?I have to begging and nagging all of my contact friends in Facebook to vote and like for our picture. And up, I can keep in touch with my old friends even though some of them claim that I only find them when I need something. hahaha :)

It's true,man! When I put my position into their side, I feel the same way too. I feel sorry about that, but at least I did update them through greeting 'Hi, and how are you' :)
So, through this tough work (when i totally ignore my assignment and only focus into this things), WE DID IT! We won and it was a relief! :):)

Next, It's the time to plan for VACATION, baby! :)

The superior pool view room for the 1st winner! :)
(sources are taken from Google)

The pool view in Citin Garden Resort
(sources are taken from Google)

So, from now onwards we can plan the vacation. Imagine the beach, free stay, and shopping! :)
And yeap, I think I need to save up from now onwards so that I can shop in Thailand.But seriously, it's worth it. Thailand clothes are selling in KL with double or triple price. So, why dun we go buy originally from Thailand then? :):)

On top of that, one thing that I need to highlight in this post is:

Today is the memorable day for us, especially for Padang people,West Sumatra,Indonesia where some of your loved one had pass away because of the tragic and awful earthquake. I cant believe that the accident was passed for 1 year already. Kind of painful when we looked back into the past where everybody were panic, cried, stress, and sad. There's nothing we should celebrate here except pray and memorize their kind things to us.
So, our authority government has set up this momentum for those who passedaway last year in the middle of our city.

The monument in memorial of 30 September 2009 in Padang City
(credits given to Marina Yori)

The List of those who has passed away
(credits given to Marina Yori)

Short speech by our President, SBY
(credits given to Marina Yori)

And the pictures of the victims.
(credits given to Marina Yori)

Overall, I just wanna say Goodbye to my friends. Jessica Susilo, Clementine Koba, Claudia Tanzil and etc. It's really painful when we heard the news that all of you has left us but one thing we need to be glad is to know you as good friends.
Goodbye friends and rest in peace.


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