Monday, August 9, 2010


Frankly speaking, I don't like to start class.
I am not ready to do all the assignments stuff.
I am not ready to sit in front of my laptop everyday to continuing all the tasks.

And my brain agree with that.
My brain is still enjoying the holiday season.
The warm weather and sand, beautiful scenery, sunset..
Food and food.. wufff!! *sigh
Those kind of stuff are still inside my brain freshly.
I wish I still can extend my holiday for 1 more week.. :(

But,it's unbelievable.. the time flies thousand fast than what i thought.
I have class tomorrow and like it or not, my brain still need to wake up and face the fact! :(
I wish everyone luck and a new spirit for tml. Have a nice day, people! :)
Start to love your day with saying I love my life! =D

(have a nice day today and have a nice chat with every one!) really love my day! wohoo ~~~ :)

Good night!

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