Saturday, July 31, 2010

Special message for you, uncle

He has left us...
He has written a big memory inside of our family..
He was a good man. A brave man. and the greatest uncle,ever.
No body are believed with this news.
He was there with my parents went for vacation in Bandung.
But no body knew about God plans.
God has called him last night in the middle of the oldies vacation.
I believed God will say: "Your job has been done, my son. It's time for you to come back with me"

A big punch has attack and hit us. It's really a big pain for my aunt and my cousins..
I can understand how their feeling to loose a father, the man who they loved. So do we..
We has lost the humorist uncle ever...
Just a few months ago we met up, and u promise me to come back again to padang and gathering again. You promise me to see me and febri graduate together.
We love you, uncle. We really do.
See you in the next life and thanks for take care my daddy and my mum while they were in Jakarta... Thanks for everything that u had sacrifice for us. Thanks for all your time to spend with us. Thanks for all your joke and your experiences stories, I will miss you, uncle..

Be strong aunt, febri, edwin and david.. You still have us.. Our big family will always with you.. =D
Good bye uncle, rest in peace.. Your name will always inside our heart because you deserve it.
We love you, uncle..
With love, on be half of Kang family to Tanzil family..

(I wish I am there right now.. share my shoulder with my family... but I believe through my pray and my message, they can be strong and uncle will be there right besides him. Goodbye uncle.. I love you)

Tanzil family, we lost one member kimpo family.

Our last gathering picture.. We love you, uncle.. Rest in peace..

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