Monday, June 21, 2010

Here we go! A quick post :)

Finally, it's the end of the semester one in my UniSA life..
Honestly, it's really killing me... Life with no fun, no entertainment, stressful, rushing up with the time and assignments, and end up ~~ big eye's bag, uncontrollable hair drop, and heart attack when i saw my first assignments result.... Even though some people don't worry about their result, but I do. No matter how hard I did my assignment with those kind of suffering night and pressure, parents and all people out there will only see the end of the result. HD means u are good, P2 or fail means you are stupid or lazy. Prejudice! huh... But, it's the reality, you can't take away people perception towards your mark... So, believe me, if the results are not good, I am gonna crush my own self, man!!! :(
(I hope next sems, it won't be this hard because I am gonna dying soon) *>*

Anyway, a part of that, today friends Langkawi trip gang coming back to KL...
Hope they were really enjoy their holiday and have fun over there.. Drink, chilling, have fun! that's what I miss too.. I hope I can enjoy that one day...

Take care, guys.. Better coming back here soon ya! =D
Have a safe journey.

With love,


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LyonBleck said...

adorei seu blog sou do brasil quero me tornar um amigo seu se vc tiver orkut,ou msn, ou facebook tack o meu:
voce e d+


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