Sunday, September 13, 2009


"Why do You create us differently if You only want to be worshipped in one way?"

A simple question that I believe a lot people aware about this. Religion is a big issue among the world.
Even until this moment no one can come out with a formula to solve this

cin (T) a
Cina (T) Tuhan= God Anissa

Well, this movie basically urge us to think about this issue.
Cina is a Chinese Indonesian and he is a Christian. He was born in Tap
anuli, North Sumatra. He is smart and hardworking. He is 18 years old. In contrast with Annisa. She is an artist 24 years ol
d and she is Javanese whereby she is Muslim and still doing her final project in architecture that has been failed for three times.

According to Newton first law: " Beauty is inversely proportional to brain"
and this is true. I agree with it. A lot people will think that beauty or pretty girl is tendency does not clever.
another part that I like too,

When Annisa ask a question to Cina:
Q: "Who does God love the most?"
A: "Those with 3.0 GPA and up"
(Quoted from one scene of the movie)
What do you think about this then?

An open ended question from Sammaria Simanjuntak as the director, she lef it to the audience for answering.
A big aplause to 'cin(T)a crew' especially to script writer and the director. The combination ideas of this concept makes me give 8 credits into it. Besides that, this movie has played overseas such as Australia and Malaysia.
A big surprise that even this is a first movie for the crew and the artist as well but in fact, they can rise up their voice and shout 'Indonesian movie is increasing and booming.

God is an architect
God is a director

Back to the question above:
"Why do You create us differently if You only want to be worshipped in one way?"
For the simple question, there's a simple answer as well, ' That's the re
ason God create love into this world'
To me, love is simple. While a couple could understand each other a
nd support each other, they could being into it.

This movie is suit to me thou. It happen into my family eventhough it wasn't exactly scenario. My dad is Buddhist and my mum is Christian. Thanks to the Lord, I am still here and they are still toge
ther. Different belief, different thought does not mean that they can't being together eventhough in this world there is a majority and minority for certain groups.

Here's a short movie trailer for cin(T)a that took our energy to go there. We went to MMU (Multimedia University) in Cyberjaya. We got lose to Damansara because of the wrong bus. But end up, we did it. We reach Cyberjaya in the right time and we watched the good movie as well. Quite blessing for us that we can watch this screening movie because only in certain place the movie could be perfom due to racist issue. Therefore, a bunch students from Taylor's College, Indonesian especially, which are Vinny, Kaka, Nadia, Alice, Linda, Novi, Brian, Natalia, and me were willing to go further up till there and watch this movie.

Our provement that we attend the screening movie. LoL

A big welcome to watch the trailer in youtube:

Thank you to Brian that has been blog this previous month ago. and Thank you to Nadia that has been asked us to join and watch this kind of movie. Thanks to all friends that went with me too.
Thanks to my Di too.. =)
A big Hug to all of you guys..
Peace to the world and peace to all of us...

Good night everyone...!!
especially to Him.. =)
Love you ^^

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