Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy Special Day for HIM, 2009

Today is a special day for him.
21 September 2009 is
A very special day for someone who will became 20 years old.
Started from a few days before the day itself, you have been received a lot birthday wishes from your friends.

What do I wish for your birthday?
I wish that I can see a big smile on your face.

And definitely, WE did it..
A little surprise for my beloved Di... :) on 18 September 2009
The plan venue started from Genting to lil genting to Changkat, but in the end we end up with the 'Cave', SS2..

( A big thank you to Dream Team crew for the cooperation..)

*The Cave* ~ Nice place, nice food, nice services ~

I saw he was surprised.. He was touching by our preparation because he knew that We Love Him.. and we knew that He Loves Us..

*Birthday wishes*

~ Birthday presents... ~


3 couples.. LoL

*The Crew* (but didn't complete yet
without Max, JP, Ash, Nelson, Dilian)


Hope this moment will be drawn in your heart. I put a little concept for your birthday celebration which is 'love'. And finally, I can see the tears of joy and happiness portray on your face.
Now, You are getting older one year and you are the Man.

Hope you like it, Di... :)
Enjoy your special day today.. I will always walk besides you, like the way you did..

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to Yang... :)

Love you,


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