Wednesday, July 22, 2009

In the middle of 2009

What is this?


Could we freeze the time to stop ticking and ticking?

Time is ticking unlike usual.

It is ticking double than usual.

I can't enjoy every single minute that has been gone.

For me, a few back months was just too short.

Backward, I couldn't remember when was I felt sad, happy, laughing, or crush someone.

It's just too fast.

What am I doing now?

I m trying to evaluate all those memories but there's a lot pieces of puzzles that I losed.

I couldn't back time and collect its,thou.

Close your eyes and take deep breath.

Don't you feel so?

There's a lot memories that you can't picked up back.

And there's a lot memories that you missed because of your own mistakes.

We are human. Ordinal person. We wanted perfection in every single time, always.

We need a great blessing to do the best for us, family, friends, and etc.

But, look at your self now? Reflect by our own mirror.

Am I nothing? or Am I something?

Could I be proud by my self? or Could I hate my self?

Think about your past.

Think about your future.

But, what is happening now?

Are you aware with it? or you just don't care?

Where am I right now?

What could I do?

The clock won't and will never waiting for you.

It will keep ticking and stop until the time is coming.

Learned from your pass, Doing the best for this moment, and Preparing for next future.

Nobody knows about his plans, so what do you think you could do?

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