Saturday, March 7, 2009

Your Call

7.03.09 _ Saturday

Spending weekend time infornt of my lappy sometimes is an interesting thing, though..
Took some times to relax my mind..
Sat down and let ur mind flow down into ur dream land...
Playing with imaginary and of course put some afford to sketch your
 next plan and strategy..

~~~~~~~~~Secondhand Serenade~~~~~~~~~~~

(Thank you fr friend that intro me to this song, I enjoyed it so much :))

(Honestly, I can't read this cords..!! *_*)

(Hope you can read the lyrics)

Listening to this music, melow and romatics lyrics are touching my heart and inspire me to make some words and put any hope into my dream... Well, it sounds too emo.. Somehow, 'never surrender' is a nice word to describe the way out...

Q: I had been tired through all of these things... I wanna give up.. Somehow, I need to be strong and tuff to pass out all of this burden..
A: Never give up.. Never surrender...!!! 

It's true in away.. However, it couldn't attempt  into my condition at this moment.. There's nothing much hopes I could put in.. 
Sounds very complicated. *Sigh*
Yes, it is...

I felt, I just played around in the same line.. I didn't make any movemement yet. Though, I ever thought to be tuff and make some changing..  However, fact is answering in the different way...
Ogh, goshhhh..!!!!

The way out is locked.. I am stuck.. and I couldn't force my mind to be out..!!!

And you know wht? Onething when you stuck and u feel u couldn't find the way out...

(In different side, I felt happy to get this feeling again.. I just couldn't control my mind to be calm down... It's my fault, somehow.. Put too much hopes in pass time.. Right now, I tried to fix it all the mistakes...)

PS: This is not pointing to anyone.. Only me and myself known the object.. =)

~There's always a miracle, when there's hopes like stars up there~



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