Monday, March 9, 2009

Endless Road

Listening to this song, it made me melted and remembered about one thing. 
I kept playing and playing this song and memorize the lyrics.. It's double version. Chinese and English version.. 

Check it out:

The truth is tearing up my heart
I can't recognise this place
The endless road without a stop sign
Can't even find a stranger this time

Why am I still holding back my tears
In this loneliness there's nothing left to fear
Every chord still seems a wonder
How we could be together
Everytime I ask if this would be the last

Why am I still talking to myself
Hoping you will have the keys to my cell
Every song might calm the weather
But it just draws me deeper
How do I get out of this
I think~ I never will

A crystal forming in the eye
Maybe this would be the last
The winding path down my face
Till I begin to taste the bitterness inside 


I believe every one will have their own prespective and imagination differently..
Me personally, I do.. I have my own imaginary and my own way to describe and apply it into my life condition.
Somehow, I like this song.. It has an unique value behind the lyrics.. 


Well, back into the reallity..
It ll be holiday fr 2mlw.. I hope I ll enjoying my holiday accompanied by my tasks and assignment..
This is not the climax of my study process... coz, it just sems 4.. In other hand, I felt yes..!!! I felt so so so so tired..!!
Through all the assginments, exams, personally problem, friends... *sigh*
I kept fighting and argueing to myself...
I need strenght to walk through this boredness...!!
It sounds I didn't put appreciation and respectness into my life and all lucky condition that i had...
However, I called it as a climax on my half way to reach my successness...

Consider in this life there's always a lot of obtacles that we must run through..
whether it's small or big obstacles, we have to face it 
as the result, we had experiences and new lessons on that..
As a wise people, we should learned from last pass.....

Learning is not an easy things...
Sometimes, we are lost in learning process..
Sometimes, we are give up...
Sometimes, we are jump into conclusion without following the right formula...
Yet, back to yourself, what result do u get in ur learning process??

Let's learning together and tried to understand the mystery of our own life meaning...
Start to plan for the better future, and plan for the worst coming up..
There's nothing impossible in this life, if we keep think postively..
I believe with sicenre heart and believed in Him, we could pass through all the obstacles that we had..
So, left up our heart and stay in Him..
I guarantee it...!! 

After wrote this blog, i really felt happy and plonk..!!! there's nothing sadness and confusion anymore
Hey..., this is worked..!! I knew, tell the truth is the way out to get satisfaction...

Additional Questions:
What will you do, when the truth is telling you that you re hurting someone...? What should you do?
Answers: _____________________________________________________________________

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