Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Lesson

I love my self..
I love my family..
I love my friends..
I love my best friends..
Everyone does too..

No matter how long i live in this earth, I will said loudly I love you
I love you, my mum n dad...

He sent me and put me into this family..
He gave me a very blessing life with joyness and happiness..
Fall down, stuck on my own way, surrender, hopeless..
Its all aren't really matter to me..
It called the bitterness of life...
Life isn't colorfull without that.. Agree?

One new lesson that i had was  'Experience is a key on our life'
Well, this is only a simple word.. All people have been walked through their own experiences.
Even me, i am 20 years old rite now.. I had much more experiences compare to other people that younger than me... What did it make me different than the rest?
I believed all people will agree with my statement...
'We only have ONE parent in our entire life.. Our Mum and Dad'
'There's no more people could gave the same sacrisfaction like they did'
'They are giving us the best part that they have'
'Even in this time, I bet they are still praying and thinking of us'
'They are our angels and our guards in this earth'

Let's do some revision...
Backward to the last past...
Try to think how much money they spent out and terat us? counted from we were born until this moment?
Try to think, how many tears did they tearing up becoz we hurt them without our known?
and last thing is
How many times we made them sadness, disapointed, angry or even ignore them?

Bare in mind, we ll pass through this condition in future time...
So, let's put ur self into this posisition and think properly about it...
Take time for a while, 5 mins is enough i think..
Think what have you done.. What you haven't do ...
and what should you do to payback all the defeat.. 

In short term, they never aspect us to do a big thing for them..
They just need our attention and our love for them..
Plis, keep their feelings.. They are human just like us, their children..
Human never-ever want to get hurt either directly or indirectly..
They are sensitive also...

Mum and dad are the most important people in our life,,,
They live for us.. and so do we...

I love u, mum and dad,,, =D
Im proud to be 'Kang'

Quoted from one doctor:
'The longest you life, the more things you need to sacrificed...'
It doesn't mean to scary you, but it's true... It's similar with the Law of Demand (LoL, i just realize it =D)



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