Monday, March 2, 2009

Beginning of March.

I hate to be one of them.. 
Seems I just turn around from one side to the other side..
Feeling that world isn't widely anymore...
I strarted from one dot to the other dots..
What I thought is the dot ll make one straight line. However, life isn't that easy, though.
I felt my life is being run into one small cyrcle.. and I stuck into it. Im trying to figure it out..

What am I suppose to do?
Life isn't that complicated if human can do the best in their life..
As maximum they did, they ll get the better life that they have..

Some people had found their fully complitely life..
The rest? They are finding, searching, and wishing..
There's nothing wrong with all of them.. and there's nothing wrong about life..

Shortly mind, I felt guilty.. 
I wanna be a new Christin.. I wanna have a new spirit..
It isn't easy and it isn't hard like the way i thought.

I am trying to reduce all my fairness through all of this words..
I am trying to be one part of people that had been found their lovely life...
So, anyone interested to figure it out?

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