Thursday, February 19, 2009

One hope

One thing I must and have to.. 
I have to don't love him anymore...
I don't want to hurt my self and my heart
I couldn't understand his willing and his feeling.
He was rite when he told me someone judge him as no initiative/ no effort..
I can't read the truth between the line..

I am trying to be mature and understanding the way men thinking...
He knew that.. but, somehow he's just act as normally..
He doesn't care about my changing....
I was thinking, I am too obsessive... but, one think i need to keep in mind..
I hope I wouldn't love him anymore because somehow i felt he doesn't give me the signal.

Realizing all this facts are running through into my life rite now..
I have one big question to my self..
'Who's my Mr. Right and where is he?'

I believe, every body will have a specific question like this... However, some people has been make a conclusion and decided he/she will be his/her latest person in their heart..

yeap, some people did.. some of them are failed. They don't even know how to make his/her self being happy.. How could u think u will make ur partner feeling happy too?

This is simple case that i knew and i realized I am still young and I need to learn and some advices to be better in the future. Love matter will never end, if people think it is complicated and confusing. 

I am hoping for the better day, and a better answer in my question


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Nadia said...

berawalan A _ _ Y..wkwkwk


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