Sunday, February 15, 2009


I just found it about 10 minutes before..

Seems my line has been cut off for three days so suddenly there's a miracle happened this morning, my line can be using rite now... I am enjoying my time to do browsing in invisible world...

When i open my facebook, and looking a new news from my friends... I looked there's one pic in Chindy's facebook photos... (sorry i took it from ur facebook pic btw, i just too excited to know it =D)

Instead of, i m not really expert in Bible.. So, i searched it in 'Google', the common search engine... So, i tyepd it out... and here's the result...

I just too excited with this miracle.. How could this happened? In forever 21 plastic bag, there's one quoted bible on it??

"For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish, but have eternal life"( John 3:16).

Unbelieveable moment... I believe there's something meaning inside of this..
I can't explain why i wrote this info on my blog, i just to curious about all of this things.. and i wanna shared this miracle to all of you...
Maybe this is a message for all of us that God is just so loved to all people in this world, and he sacrifice his only son ONLY for US...!!!!

I believed that this is our time to lift up our hearts to the Lord...

He's encourage us to follow his direction and stay back into his way..
Sometimes in our life, as a normal human we just forgotten about him.. We are just too enjoying our world and totally forgot about:
- who re we?
- what is our purpose in this world?
- why did he send us into this world?
- why did he give us a perfect famliy, luxury life, and free breath?

Comparing to the others life... I thought we are just too lucky to be borned in this life with a lot of chances... We are educated as in we had a chance to have a education in school or college.. Looked at the others side of us.... Do u think, they have choices to be borned into the poorer family or criminal family? They have no choices.. That's their faith to be in there.. Although, i knew they have an opportunity to be better than that.. That's why, Jesus never let them to be in that terms forever... If they have an afford and they believed on him..., I believed they will have a greater life compare to us.. We are just to satisfied with all of this, therefore we always forgot about him...

This is what I thought, and I have been through all of this condition.. I lost him for a few couple of time, but he just too kind to me and he forgive my sins and asked me to follow his way again.. He never left me in the middle of way... He's awesome...!! I love you, Jesus.. =D

Thank you for someone that remind me about this..

(Life isn't so hard if u re in his way..
Life will be difficult if u think that u re alone in this huge world..)


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Wins said...

go memorise john 3:16... it's one of the most important verses in christianity.


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