Tuesday, February 10, 2009

There's always be a question marks if there's no answering...

Isn't it complicated when there's a lot of decision you need to choose?
There will be a few correctness answers if you could make it, neither it will be nothing.

One question that i wanna ask you, will you go back and turn around the time to make your past perfectly?

It's a basic question whereby all people of course wanted it..!! Hey, come on.. We are just a normal person that wanna have a perfect life.. Not as in perfect term that we must have all of our hopes and dreams come true.. But, in my opinion, there is a certain things that we wanted to be a perfect choice..

There's a lot of mistake that i did before. Maybe, others will think I am going to be crazy or changing. Yeap, exactly, certain people opinion about me recently though i have a big accident and have a bit sickness in my mind.. or in short term i am being nuts. I am changing. Yes, I am..

Backwards, it happened two weeks before. I made a decision that honestly i didn't think properly before. And I had decided to try and hope there's a miracle on it.. Facts, it's totally wrong. Hurt the rests made me guilty. However, consequence have to do on it. It's complicated. It's hard to describe and explain on it, but one thing i knew that "Sometimes, it hurts because of the reasons.."
I need to be more realistic and mature for the future.. Putting a sympathy into someone won't be work because it's just a temporary. Following your depths heart will worth it compare to your mind.

Ego, emotional, and all unkind feeling are unrealistic and disturbing my mind..

However, there's one thing that I realize, all of those things will gonna settle down if he is there..
If he is in your heart and you told him and you let him work on it.. Let's him doing his job onto you..
"Sometimes, world things couldn't be settle by ourselves, but only HIM could do it"

There's always be a question marks if there's no answering...
And you have to find it.. Searching.. and Believing...

( Thanks to all people that gave me supports, advices...
all of these were be my experience, and it ll be my key to do the best on my future)

"You deserve to get the better one"
if you could and you want...


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