Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas 08

What have u guys been doing during Christmas?
24 n 25 of Dec are the big days for all of Christians to celebrate his born into this world..
Well, this is 19 years i am celebrating his b'day...
Every Christmas has a meaning into it.
Every people has different perspective about the meaning..
Separate the joy, peace, and love into all of the people around us ll be effective to apply the meaning of Christmas...

A lot of things, i have been through during this Christmas.
Well, yesterday 24 of Dec 08, Putri, Ivon n me went to church.. Firstly planning was a lot of friends ll be going... Huh..!! Weather... Raining.. and storm... make all of the planning canceled...!!! only three of us went together to the church.. I met my seniors in high school before.. they were guys.. Damn..!! dun knw hw many people they are.. i thnk around 12 or sthg... M,,,mm,,, i was thinking if i sit tghtr v them, i won't concetrate to the pastor and the eve... So, i decided to sit three chairs behind them..It's helping..!! hehehe.. =D

Behind me was Indian people. I think they come from Malaysia. But, im nt sure about that..
One thing, i put my glad to them.. They are about 6 people and they can speak indonesian language and understand with our languange during the eve.. Chatolic is universal.. That's the key.. Although we are different ethnic, different language, and different colour.. however, i m appreciate with them.. They came into the church, celebrate Christmas with the peace and full of love. I saw them did hg each other when we all did 'peace with u'... Imagine...!!!
Looking into ourselves.. Have we did like that? Thinking about image infront of public, never respect with our beloved friends..!! But, look at them.. They send their message through hugging each other.. Send their message about their joyfull of Christmas.. They proud to come into the church and here..., they were there.. with all of Padang citizen... although rainning and stormming are scaring us.. They came and show that NO ONE can break their wishes to face and thankfull to him...

It's a good example for us to learn and watch that we are same infornt of his face. No matter the problem that we have facing, dun ever tired to say Jesus, I love u.. and Thanx for all of this chance that i still alive till this second.. I still can breathe clearly.. and I still have my own family.. I still born under your protection.. and the important thing is...
You STILL LOVE ME...!! Thank u, Jesus.. Thx my Lord..!

Wish and Wish, every people ave their own wishes and hopes..
What am i wishing for this Christmas and the next day?
I had it.. I had my wishes since yesterday.. I pray and sent it to him..
I hope i can reach my wishes.. i can get my hopes...

I love Him... =D

Merry Christmas everyOne...^^


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