Thursday, November 6, 2008

That's why friends are for

It seems how many times i realize time gone so fast
n i realize i am lucky to be here. where by a lot of my friends here and love me..
What kind of blessing i had...

I can see obviously when vinny, my roomate entered hospital because of her appendix.
When i said this information to soo hui, nadia and my housemates, automatically all of them came and visit vinny. Almost of my classmates came at that time such as Casper, Soo hui, Nadia, Julius, Alice, Jane, Elaine, Melvin, Issac (visited at home). In addition, all of them care about her. They all cared with their classmate. They came to hospital and accompany us there. Since you know, hospital such a boring place especially in Sunway Medical Centre. There's nothing there. Started from Ground floor, there was only Starbucks there, and 1st floor untill 5th floor are rooms for patients. Only one canteen there at level ground, and im telling you it is nt nice at all. The food at ridzuan is much better than there i think. Brought laptop, i-pod, and food are better to entertaint vinny there. Hahahaha....

Friends are the important component in our life.

Without them, i think i ll nt be here.

Without them, i think i ll nt know a part of Malaysia.

Without them, i think i ll nt be mature and being like i am nw.

A Blessing from Him
A Gift from Him
Angels from Him

That's defintion of Friend....

This picture was taking when Alice b'day
whereby we were using the same spec that being her present from us..

Clubbing time




I know one day, all of us ll be seperated and ll have our own life
Why don't we enjoy and make our limit time in this time to be a better memorize
In the future?

I LovE u guys.. & Im glad to be here with you guys.. ^^


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Jane said...

I love you too christin babe!!! hehehehe


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