Monday, November 3, 2008

W H Y ?

Have u ever think this word pass suddenly in your mind?
W H Y? why? WHYYY???

every time and every minute we should ask this question whether with ourselves or people.
Think about

why love must be here in this world?
why political people always fight and only care for themselves?
why should be three heritage people in this world?
why am i in this earth?
why Jesus created me and send me into my family?
why my name is christin?

Willing to be an emo person..
Hardest thing in one day, you couldn't control your self.
Time gone too fast, till your reflection behind you couldn't reach you.

why should im writing this blog and tell people around the world about what im thinking and im feeling?
why should i feel nothing recently?
why should i being agressive?
why should i confess?
why should i think about the rest that it'snt important?
why should i waste my time to think all of this?
why? why? why?

question in your head should be answer quickly
to gain your knowledge about mistery of life
to solve your headeache
to make your life smoothly
to make your smiling everyday
and finally,
WHO could answer all of this WHY??


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