Thursday, October 16, 2008


You know wht? Sometimes being a kind person would be a bad things for yourself. A lot of things has been happened during this sems and i wanna said,,,, I am disappointed with them and my self.

After went back from my short holiday in Raya Themes... (Thailand Family Holiday), i felt suffering with all the assginments and also quite disappointed with my friends.. Looked into my results, it's unexpected results.. HUH...!!!!!!!!!

DAMN IT...!!!!!!!!!

Nothing is easier in this life...
Without effort you won't get your achievement..
I am here is nothing without HiM..

one thing i wanna say thank you to Alice.. she brought me to her chruch.
and Thank you to the Pastor.. He prayed for me and made my eye opened that Jesus still love me.. He never left me alone although i has been left him... Thanx so much for all this chance...

Disappointed with my self is seems like disappointed with Jesus...
However, i wanna express my self here.. i wanna say that without Jesus in my life especially for this moment i won't be stronger.. i couldn't be stronger enough to stand if lose him now.. if he didn't hold my shoulder and guide me into his way maybe i ll not be here and spread this message...

One thing i wanna said...

btw, i was mention that i am disappointed with my friend..
i forgive her with all what did she did.. But, i won't trust her anymore..
she made me think bad impression to her self. I can't force my self to ignore wht has she did..
Regret will always come at the last part... Yah....!!!!! TOo bad........


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