Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Morning, time for going church. Lately wake up made me to postpone my church's timetable. 08.30 was suppose to be my time to going church, and 11.30 ll be my next schedule.

For around 2 days, i spent my time with all my friends. In Friday..., I went lunch with Mr.WinstOn, Vinny, and Nadia at Sushi Zen @ pyramid. Damn full at that time, and then we went to play basket ball nearby there. PJS 9(sthg) hahahaa.. I forgot what is exactly the road name. There is a lot of my cell group friends there. It's around 9 persons which is Nadia, Vinny, me, Novi, Lynda, Irene, Edward, Olivia, and Mr. Winston. 4 Vs 4. Nadia, Lynda, me, and Edward. We won.. hahahaha...
and how about Mr. Winston? He was our audience and I thought he record some video during we playing.

After finished playing basketball, we went to "lepak2" besides our church which is opposite at sunway pyramid. Continued for cell group, that's we did. Around 9pm sthg we finished and went to dinner together ( of course another friends came as well) @ Ming Tian. After all over this activities, all of us went back to their home and how about me? hohoho
Me, Vinny, and Nadia decided we played dance @ Arcid beside cinema. Hohoho
we played till 12pm.., and after that we went home with tiring face.

A lot of crazy things but I like it. We can spent time gathering with others friends. And the most important is We can spent our time with a good activities. we didn't take something dangerous for our next life. That's a good life...

What did happen at yesterday? I was in my house. Herwin ( of course he was off from his job), me, and vinny did some moving stuff. We re-arrange our stuff and it'd better now. In our living room, there's one extra bed.. hahahaha.. So, anyone come here he/ she can sleep there ( charge/ night, pliss..!! hahahaha) Of course we cleaned the wholly house.. Clean is important for our healthy.

And what happen? Bill came. ( that's i hate) Talked about money, money, and money again.. Hikz..hikz.... Electricity's bill for 371rm ( i think) Huhhh...!! Damn...!! We just came into this house for 1 month and the electricity was 300++... How about the other months? Looked at the situation, i went back from my hometown 1 week before. Mario and Herwin are always seldom at home because they did training. And vinny, she just played in the room. So, wht's wrong with our house? All is expensive... Hikz..hikz...

And i think, we must do smart to arrange our uses for electricity.

So, it's time for going church now.

and God Bless You ^^


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