Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Alice b'day in 20 August 08

Although i posted it lately... but at least i had something to post..

Today Mr. Winston saw me his video that he did. He was enthusiasm with that. However, I like what has he did...
Unfortunately, i can post it the video in here...
1st: i tried to post it twice times, but it still can't post :(
2nd: i m uploading it since 4:30 but until now it's still hasn't finish >,< (But, u guys still can see through "google-ing" video >> Alice's birthday 20 August 2008, i think this is the keyword) hehehehe =D

Who's b'day ll be the next on?
i think, it ll be Issac b'day...
I should arrange the planning since this moment... hahahaha
make him more terrible than alice.. wkkwkwkkk

Btw, i love all my classmate...
unfortunately, we can't be close like previous sems because we seldom has a same class for this sems... Anyway, friendship will never the end rite?

So, like my wish... hehehehe =D

College stuff was good...
and Well, it is time for me to arrange my study time, coz Mid term ll be coming..
and assessments come and come...

hope, i can do it all with joyfulness,carefulness, and SEMANGAT...!!!! hahahahhaaha

I miss my mum now...
hehehehehe [Good nite mum, i think she is sleeping now] hehehehe ^^

Hey, I'm listening
"Love me for a reason"
by Boyzone..

It's old song, but i like the rhyme and the lyrics.. hehehehe =)


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