Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Next Step

It was September 5, 2011 and that's it...
I have hand in my report and I'm officially finished with my university life.

Next point is W.O.R.K.I.N.G

Every time I meet up with new buddy, I like to give a guess towards my age.
In average responds, they will answer either 20, 21 or 22.
I will be extremely happy when they said 'You look like 17 years old' :)
Frankly speaking, I am so scared to be in this age.
I'm officially a young adult now. I have to start to build my own career path and plan for my future.
How I wish I could execute my own plan.
Yet, faith is telling me the opposite side.
I have to follow the flow and sacrifice everything that I like.

I can't scream. I can't cry. I can't confront.
I have to face it because it's reality and it's all about respect and loyalty.
Deep down inside my heart, I am still arguing with my own self.
Is this the right path for me?
Will it be good for me in the future?
or Should I be selfish and try to rebel towards my mom and family?
Oh Gosh! No matter how long I think about this...
This matter will always screw up my mood.

I'm surrender...
I believe whenever I go and whatever I made decision..
Those are decided by God.
I believe in him and I believe his ways.
I hope everything will be better than yesterday.

Ps: I miss you daddy..

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