Monday, May 23, 2011

tick tock tick tock

hellow yellow dirty fellow.

Life must goes on.. no matter how stuck it will be.
In two more weeks started by today, me and my classmates are going to be hallelujahhh! :)
Quoted from Jane (2011), we need to appreciate our last final assignment.
We need to do it properly, give creativity thought and critical analysis to score it.
I am about in to this level, but the thing is I am stuck with the ideas.
The motivation was there but then again 'clueless' came and broke my fortress.
I think I am going to miss this kind of situation one day :)

wishing all the best for all of us in term of assignments and internship! :)
have a nice day in this week, people! :)
*well, i haven't get any placement yet!* sigh...

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