Wednesday, May 18, 2011


It's been exactly 100 days you left us behind.
I am so sorry couldn't attend in temple today and saw you.
But my prayer always go to you in every seconds.
I miss you, handsome.
You weren't like if someone called you an old man because you have young heart inside there.
No more tears need to come out even though I really miss you every single second.
Because I know, you are really happy and enjoy your life in other world.
Hope to see you soon in the next future life.
You've drawn colorful and great history in my life.
I miss your smile, I miss your advice, and Imiss your voice.

I can't imagine how you look like now, but I hope you will be the same like the past.
Happy and strong. :) Miss you daddy.

Love from home,
your lovely daughter.

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