Monday, August 16, 2010

June trip with Love to Mallaca ",)

Let me tell you something, H-O-L-I-D-A-Y is always the best and the great one! :)

So let me share and describe each of them..

An half day trip to Mallaca with beloved friends: bf, Issac, Vinny, and Nadia's brother..
It was sudden plan at that time and when i called issac, he said Ok! :)
Shock! :):)

So what did we do?
The great answer is EAT - EAT - EAT & EAT
In 5 hours period times we can eat 6 different dishes.. Check this out!

Chicken rice ball & Cendol gula Mallaca

Asam Laksa + Cendol

The best popiah ever + Satay celup, Capitol

Holland wanna be and the beach! :):)

It was great and tiring day, my tummy was so so big that day and i couldn't remember when the last time i ate that much!
5 stars for this trip...
another trip will coming up! :)

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