Monday, August 23, 2010

Another story from Setiawan, Perak (:

As I said the other trip post will updated soon, and herewego. =D

It's like a few years ago we promise this handsome guy to come and visit him in his hometown.
But yet, we never do that. Until at one point, the idea just camein and yeap! we did it.
We came to Perak and we visit Mr. Issac Lim and parents..

Setiawan is almost similar like my hometown, a small town withnot much night life compare to KL of course! :)
So what we did was EAT, BEACH, EAT, BEACH, and EAT.
It was awesome. I feel like Ihave ten extra bag inside my stomach and I can eat a lot.
3 days at there equals to seafood days... :):)

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