Saturday, June 12, 2010

It's a summer reading for you!

I should confess something for the readers about this..

I have spent four days to finish up this book.
It called as 'Perahu Kertas' in English you can call it as 'Paper Boat'. =D
The author is Indonesian, her name is Dewi Lestari, well known as Dee.
It really an interesting book that I ever read.
It could be your reading in this summer holiday, tho! :)
Few months ago I was told by one friend that have recommend this book to me.
Supported by my beloved sister, she agreed that Dee is really a good writer.

She transcript her imagination about the main character by describing it through words.
Why is it call as 'Boat Paper'?
One of the main character believed that she is the assistant of Neptunnus, the Roman God of the sea. The God has sent her into the world to be the secret agent therefore she need to report for Neptunnus everyday about her life.
How's she do it?
A paper and words. She will tell Neptunnus about her feeling like a diary. She will flip it to be a paper boat, and she will send it via sea or river (as long it is water and it can go to the sea) and she believed Neptunnus will read it. :) She believed only 'Aquarius' folks could be the agent of Neptunnus.

I supposed to upload the one that I took with my darling, C-902,
but it was gone and no chance to transfer it.. :(

All over the story is about life, art, love, destiny, and your heart.
It begin from wrinkled yarn that the end become a happy ending story.
The story is according to the order. She can guide us from 1999 until 2005 with her fresh idea.
In the range between 1-10, I gave this book 9/10.
This is why I can't escape from this book.
Wherever I go, I should bring this book, even if I only will flip a few pages but it bring me to read more and more!

Two thumbs up for the author and I hope Dee could come with an english version so that everybody will be able to read this book! :):):)

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