Friday, June 11, 2010

I lost half pieces of my part

It sound very annoying and uncomfortable when regrets and guilty came across to you.

It's been a few hours after I realize my beloved darling, C-902 was gone..
My first impression when I knew it, I am dead.
I knew, I will survive without a phone for two or three days, but not in such of this situation.
It will not appear forever in my life anymore.

It doesn't matter about buying a new one to replace it.
I just felt that, my memories are taken away by the phone it self.
Every pictures and texting messages inside my phone was gone..
I can't remember when the last time I wanted to change it..

It still new for me.. It has been for 1 year always beside me.. but, my darling is somewhere outside there right now.
Even in my dream, I kept thinking about it. I miss you, my phone. I really do.
The next thing that I always hope and pray is just a miracle.
A miracle that someday, someone will return it to me.


hmmm, over all.. I lost 2 phone in Malaysia for 3 years. Great!
Mummy scold me, everyone said I am careless and Yes, I am careless.


Every sentence that came out from my words are written with sadness and guilty.
Hope I can forgive my self, and I can hold for the miracle to come.
I miss you my phone. I really do! :(

Christin Natalia, Kang


Anonymous said...

kuai lan kia~ nangis2 ketawa2 apa la kau! XD

bagi2 lah rezeki yg awak dapatkan maka awak akan dilimpahkan double dari sebelumny! XD

Nadia said...

heh? kapan ilank?

-ay4- said...

lol.. arus nya kamu yg donate buat aq.. spy aq bs gantiin si darling dengan yg baru.. (tp aq msh mau yg lama) huaaaaaaaa :(

nad: ilang nya baru beberapa jem yg lalu, blm ampe 24 jem... zzzzzzzzzz, sialan emank.. kayak nya jato di taxi dech. :(


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