Tuesday, March 16, 2010


AGAIN...!! The FACT is killing me, and I still haven't believe all of this.

I could imagine, there's no more smile show up from his lips.
I could imagine, when he knew the result is, his spirit might flew and gone.


Nothing much we could do for now.
We have been tried to do all that we could do, only for you daddy.

I've been thinking about this a lot times,
God might have a plan behind this. I believed that.
However, i just can't ready to hear and see the facts.

I miss my daddy when he was smiling.
I miss him when he complain anything that i did wrong.
I miss him when he take care for all my things.
I miss when he said 'Time for sleep, tomorrow you need to go school'
I miss when we watch action movie together. The only movie can make his eye awake when midnight time.

I am proud to be his daughter.
He is such a really BEST father ever.
He never smoke, drink, gambling, went to club, or those kind of things.
Ow, He never CHEAT or flirting with other girls,anyway.
He's really a good husband.

FYI, I could survive in Malaysia for 3 years over here.
It's because of him. He is my sponsorship.

If i could begging God right now, I want my previous daddy.

Daddy healthiness, daddy smile, daddy spirit.
He just too sick of these stupid cancer.
He will reach 60 years old for this year.
Why daddy must suffer for all of this?
It's time for him to enjoy his old days. Can't he enjoy this?
Stay in hospital for months and do operations again are not a great answer.

I was wondering, Could mum stand by it?
Plenty of questions inside my mind.
Plenty of wishes i have for my family.

I love them. and I love daddy so much.
Be strong daddy..!! I knew you will be like oldies day. :)
I love you, daddy. Aya sayang papa...!!!!

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