Monday, November 2, 2009

They are 20 years old

October month has passed and November month is coming..

There were a lot things happened last month..

Happiness, sadness, madness, etc..

Some happiness drawn in their face through friendship..

Glad to see others are happy too.

Happy belated day for October babies.. Issac Lim, Joon Chian, and Carol Jane. =)

They are 20 years old now.. Welcome to '2' world.. =)

Even though i haven't reach 20 yet anyway.. But I believe, 20 is the sign that we are getting older and war is just

start. The war of the real life, future, career, family, working, and all those stuff.

Happy 20 years old, girls and guys.. ^^

Apek B'day - Korean style - Copycat artist also there :)

Counting down 20 years old - Starbucks - Taipan

Mini cartoon character made by Vinny in Joon's Birthday

Joon B'day Korean style (again) - Street Cafe ( SS15)

A little bit surprise from us for baby girl Jane @ The Curve..

The girls and the b'day girl.
( She was a bit drunk :) and holding the beautiful present from Mami Elaine)

I am happy to be there with them, celebrated together with them and enjoy our young life.. :) :)

Once again Happy Birthday girl and guys.. 20 is just a beginning :)

Enjoy and Have fun..


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