Saturday, October 3, 2009

Memories on September 2009

Deepest inside my heart, i am really sad for these disaster that came. Earthquake was happened on 30 September 2009, around 5ish WIB. We could feel it too in Malaysia. One of my house mate felt it.. and two mins after that, my hometown, Padang... has been gone..

Well, i have felt earthquake before. Since i was young, earthquake is normal for me.. but this time, i can't imagine how was the feeling... This earthquake was 7.6SR and it was happened for 3 mins. The fact, all houses were collapse, a lot people pass away, and some of them until this moment are still inside the collapse building.

*Kopitiam in Chinatown area*

This is where my sist and her bf normally spend time in the morning to take breakfast and drink coffee.. While for this moment, no more kopitiam.. >.<

*One of the most bridge in Padang*

Our Government took around 2 years to build it, but it cracked easily..
What a condition.. =(

*Power cut* no electricity at all

International Airport Minangkabau, Padang.

*China Town*

When people ask me how is Padang looks like? Mostly I will say it almost the same like Malacca.. However, when you see this picture through 3 mins only, Chinatown in Padang has been gone.. Almost 65% Chinese gone because of these earthquake..

*I can see you inside*

I bet in few days after the earthquake happened, all luxury things inside this home will be gone. In fact, a lot criminal happening in Padang especially in ChinaTown itself.

*Hotel Immanuel*
(Photo credit going to Jeffry)

Mostly hotels in Padang were collapse.. I m not really
sure why, but it took the highest number people die at Padang.. According to 'the Sun', one of Malaysian newspaper that I read this morning, approximately the number off people die for this disaster will reach 5.000 people.

Human without food, drink, electricity can't be survive for
long term. It is what happening in my hometown right now. Since the incident, there's no electricity supply, food, and also drink.
Even though my family is OK and my relatives too... but some of my friends are fighting to survive inside the collapse building now..

Jessica Susilo, she is my good friend since i was in elementa
ry school. She is a good girl thou.. She's great.. A lot people like her..
but what happen to her? She just having 10 days holiday in Padang since long time didn't go back.., but earthquake make this trip to be the last trip for her to enjoy Padang.. Rest in Peace to my dearest friend.. She is one of the best friend that I ever had.. Your kindest and your happiness will paid at there.. Thank you Jessica for all that you have done.. Thanks for being my best friend.. Thanks for all the memories... Let's rock when we meet up one day at there.. =)

I love you, friend...

*photo memorial for her*
Taken during our trip to Pasaman..

The girls during the trip.

Jessica and friends @ Xaverius school association.

I believe God has different message for us. Nothing much we can do except praying and do our best. A lot rumor in public asking about this question, why must Padang should be the victim place? Well, in geographic term Padang is closed to the sea and also a lot of active mountains around it.

I believe we can learn from this natural disaster that we need to help each other. There's no point for us to run away and left Padang like that. I was born almost 20 years at there. It is my hometown and I am responsible for that as well. For those that has been run away to the other area, it is good to avoid others earthquake that might be coming. But when we look into different angle, natural disaster will come into any place. You can't be able to predict what will happen in the future.

Let's help each other to rebuild up our hometown. I am proud to be Indonesian, I am proud to born in Padang. =)

PS: Thanks to all of my friends for the support =) Thanks to God, my family is Ok and they are doing good until this moment. A big thanks for my special Di.. Thanks to always be with me when I need you besides me.. =)

Rest in peace to my beloved friends:

Jessica Susilo
Claudia Tanzil

Your journey has been finished and May God always be with you guys...
(This is all what I knew, I hope there will be no more list going down)

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