Wednesday, November 11, 2009

All I need is You

Have you ever hear 'Daddy' or 'Mommy'?

Even animals also have this feeling.

I believe that all of us are glad and be thankful to have them until this moment.

Mum and Dad are our heroes.

They always try to do the best for their children even though they need to sacrifice themselves.

There are many cases the mother or father willing to give their live for the daughter / son.

This is what we call 'LOVE'.

No one in this world could change this cycle.

And to night, I am.....

Driving into the past and collecting all those pieces of my memories...

Once I found it...

There is only 2 sentences I would like to say out :

'Thank You'

- Thank You to the Creator that has given a chance for me to have my complete family until this moment.

- Thank You to my dad that he still has the passion and strength to fight with the sickness.

- Thank You to my mum that always be ready and passion in all condition.

- Thank You to my sis and my bro to be always take care and help me.

- Thank you to my di that always be beside me, give me an advice, and care for me.

- Thank you for all of my friends and my best friend that always support me especially in this moment.

A big thankful for those miracle that I have.

Not every body will have the same chance like me.

I am blessing.. and I am happy to be here around these angels.

All I need is You..

Thank you people.


Dady, I know you are strong. I know you can handle this. Fight with it.

I will always be beside you, dady because I love you.

Stay healthy and be strong, dad.

We love you... =)

(Thank you, Di.. I need you! )


- Aya -

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