Friday, June 5, 2009

The Latest part I ever had

One thing that he left it to me..
He gave me something valuable when he got did by himself.
He went up to the mountain while enjoying his hobby..
On top of that, he brought me some souvenir from the mountain to me.
Edelweiss.. The flower that never die..
I appreciate with this present...
And I will always remember this..
Thanks for everything..
I hope you could be watching me right now, and you will know that all of us are loving you..

The things that had been done won't come back again
The things that he had planned, no body could change it.
And the things that we had been through were the history.
See you in the next life.. and have a safe journey there..
Thanks my dear friend..

2nd day after you left,
I still can't believed it.. 

But, what I believe is he has another plan for you, your family, and for us. 

Goodbye, ko PW.. 

Have a nice sleep there..

I will gonna missing you.


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