Monday, April 6, 2009

Election 2009, It's Indonesia turns!

Well, this is my first time to write and talk about 'Politic issue' in my blog.

Breaking news, Indonesia is having election this thursday, 9 of April 2009. This is the seventh president to choose by the citizens. There are a lot of parties join and compete each other. They keep promise for do the best to bring Indonesia image and names better infront world's eye. Well, at least they put an effort into it, and i believe we knew many ways for them to achieve their goals. It is public secret when we talk about legal or ilegal ways to do it.

38 parties are took part on this time.

When I went to my hometown in Chinese New Year break, Indonesia has been booming with this topic. Media is busy to investigate about political condition inside and argument of the political. It won't be a secret public any more that SBY (Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono) is having a bigger problem. All the partcipants are being together into one team and shot him. They kept saying they are the best and took citizen attention. By put down one and another side, and make only their party is the best and better... Gosh! this is how our parlement worth..!

Take a look into this link...!!!

Megawati which is our previous president was gave some speech (critic speech, actually) about SBY tasks rite now. She was saying that SBY is doing a dance step. Move on one step, and went back to the first step. Move on to steps a head, but in the end he kept back to the first position. In short term, SBY is do nothing. Well, what do think about it? Is it real? Or just ' a hot critic from her?'

Wise people says: Look into urself first then u do correction into other people mistake.
But in the real world, they did contrast. They won't looked at their self mirror. The best part and easier part is finding other people mistakes. Be number one of critical..! That was I found. It is not just happen in politic world, in public it happened to. And it's our common habbit. 

I read one coment of Youtube watcher, she left her opinion about megawati criticsm.
'Mega chosen majority by poor and low educated people. They don't and never think the reasons why they elect somebody to be a president. Most of them are having short-span thinking ability. 
This is true and a fact.'

Hell! this is true..!! I agree with her opinion.
Mega is always pay attention to low class people, took their participate and so on.
And in the end, obviously we could saw the result in 3 years before.
She admited in her speech that 3 years is a short term for her to do improve Indonesia and make Indonesia better. 
Well, let we see how Indonesia's people care with their government through do this election 2009. We are democration country. By this election, we hope our government can improve and make some difference into a good steps especially in recession time. But, bare in mind government position is not just guessing part. Just choose one, and that's it. Our country depends on the leader. Once we made a mistake, it ll not be a good news for us, for Indonesian.

So, what do you think??
Will this time election will be affective for us? Will this election turn our luck to be a good country among the rest?
Will our president later could be a hero to save us from recession?

When will all of this question be answering?


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