Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Finally, i did it... Posting a newest BLOG..!!!!

Long time i skip for updating my blog. Busy day and tired day. And u knw, dis week i have mid term exam. Worries?? ofcourse, i do. Unfortunately, i always lazy to do something that i should do which is STUDYING...!!!
I have plan and arrange my time table for studying and do my assginment times... but then, it didn't walk as i hope. Many obstacles came and came.. Make me guilty. >,< style="text-align: center;">Me and Ting2
Playing cap sa ( 13 cards) and wif the rest

Played card, gathering wif my housemate n mentarian citizen, gossiping wif friends at ridzuan, and a lot of fun today i have done. Although i spent my time wif that, but i realize i still have to study... T.T

Oh yeah,
It's happen yesterday
---------------------------------------------------------------------------- check this oUt..!!!

We are using the same spec which is belongs to Hilal n Erick... =D We met them downstair when we all were eating and Hilal n Erick just finished went back from Sunway. We are trying their new spec and we are became their models... hohoho... Cute spec btw... n yeah, LAME...!!! wkwkkwkwkwkk

Aya, Vinny, Hilal, Nadia

And finally, there is a lot of things i have pass through since dis sems...
n i feel i like my life now and 4_va...
i m glad wif all of this... My life in here... >> Malaysia >> in college... >> in ridzuan >> in B-311
Thanks God... for all blessing that u gave me.. I have my lovely famliy, friends, and best friends.
and yeah, life is goes on.. and mid term is coming infront of my face...
a bit shock but i must take it easy... ( Cool mode ON..!!! ) wkwkkwkkkk

taken this afternoon, after reach home


One thing that happened tdy "I MISS HIM"....!!!

SHITT....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's happened since 4 years ago and i still miss HiM...

Sharing wif my buddies... made me remember all of that..
I learned from them a lot. i learned how to control my self and being confidence..
Thanks for the advice girlz ( i was totaly lucky have a good friends like u, girlz)\

and yeah

in the fact i miss HiM, but it ll nt be for a long time. IT LL BE FOR TODAY...
but then honestly u re still inside my heart (25%)... hehehehe

Well, life is goes on..
i still have a better future in next level...


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