Friday, September 12, 2008

Editing Mode ON...!!!!

And once again... i did it.. hhehehehe..
After shopping in KL ( feel like damn tired) and then went to Sunway bought an ice cream cake for Shelly b'day today exactly... 12 September 2008.

I thinks this is the whole tiring day.. i feel like i wanna die... however, when i saw my picture in my phone.. i have desire to do edit and modify a bit.. hehehehe
and here it is...

and o yeah, i wanted to get more detail about my holy tiring day... however, sleepy thingy came and hit my eyes till i feel hard to open it... i ll describe about tht later...
n the end...
and Happy b'day Shelly... 20 th..
wish u all d best...
and God bless U... always and forever.. ^^


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