Sunday, October 14, 2012

365 here.

Hey there! It's been a while.
The sun is going up and quickly its going down then the moon will take a part to replace its.

Me. Over here. With a blink of eyes, almost 365 days has been past.Thousands of story has been stored in my mind. Happiness, sadness,madness and all stuffs are completely drawn my history life.

1. Back on the last December 2011.., where I was desperately missing my life in KL, my wish list has been answered ;) reunited with my boyfriend and all my best friends over there. Best birthday celebration, Christmas celebration and New Year eve party! a-we-so-me- and cool! :)  I treasure those moments with my heart and soul.

Cherish you guys with the sincerely friendship! *miss you!
2. And again! Why I love him so much! Because no matter how far the distance has separated us apart, he always be there for me. On Chinese New Year celebration, he came down to my small hometown to come and gather with us! *sweet*

the red team on dragon year! :)
3. "Count on me like 1,2,3, I will be there".. Like Bruno Mars said that's what friends are suppose to do. So here we are. We had a good quality time. The time for catching up with those old friends and shared about our live life experiences ;) it was a quick reunion for us yet it was memorable. Treasure those moments too!

Quality time with bestties

4. Another blessed moment that I had! ;) May 2012, my checklist to visit the dream land "Europe" was came true. Mommy and I went for 13 days quick vacation to visit the west Europe with awesome teammate.  Switzerland - Italy - France - AbuDhabi. What a truly blissful trip in my life.

Paris I'm in love! :)  
5. Meanwhile after the jet lag journey, the biggest thing happened in my life. May 20, 2012,  the moment that I should shown to my father earlier -supposedly before he left me indeed-. But here I am daddy. My name was called as a Bachelor of Arts holders, the professors and those lectures congrats me, and for that moment how I wish you were there sits beside my mom and watching me, giving a big applause, and hugging me tightly! Once again! thank you for trusting, sponsoring, supporting and giving me a chance to tell the world that I am able to finish my mission without any fail! :)

Gonna frame it and hang it at my family room :)

The sincerely friendship that we kept from long time ago =) Proud for all of us :) 0707K

 *credit photo goes to Nadia*

6. Our 3rd anniversary! August 2012 - "the mind blasting day!"
He, the friendly gosh, made a lil surprise for me by came down to visit me on the weekend and gave me a gift as a remark that we are being attach to each other :) -he always sweet in his own way- a big thanks for this!
7. BALI!!!! Another wish list in the box is checked! :) So! Like finally! Me with 25 (in completed) family members executed our one year plan to do our "KIMPO" reunion family in the "Dewata island". The 2 weeks vacation was awesome for me in terms of reunited with my big family and some other old friends gathering at Bali, Jakarta, and Bandung of course! =D

We are not complete yet, you see. Hoping for more reunion in the next future :)
8. The September blast! For my sister, my boyfriend and my niece birthday. The ultimate happiness for them because they have turned one year older with joy an blessed.
Unfortunately! During those moments, someone had to feel disappointed because I couldn't be able to celebrate and sit beside you in your special day. The candles and cake through the screen and the distances really made us looked like two retards.  The unforgettable moment that really made me guilty ;(

-so here I am has been spending my 365 days in my hometown. There are a moment for me to be thankful yet there are some moments that I HAVE TO sacrifice for a better purposes-

PS: For me the "el-di-ar" relationship isn't that easy for sure. But we are trying our best to keep holding on with our commitment and trusting each other.

I'm always thankful, grateful , and blissful for everything that I had in my life.

Thank you Father for everything.

With love,
Your lovely daughter.


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