Thursday, April 7, 2011

When you compare our situation and you said:

A: "At least, you DID NOT feel deeper pain compare to me because everything just flied so fast"
B: (*Inside my heart*) Ow, really? Lost someone that you loved so much also need to compare?

It's not cool enough to compare our sadness, OK!
Yes, I was sorry about the accident that happened to you yet don't think that what happened to you was the heaviest ever!

Let me share my bitterness that I've been kept for more than one year.
Tears dropped every single night. Pressure and anxious hit me every minutes to make sure that he was doing well. I had to force myself to do not cry in front of desperate 60 years old guy cried everyday. Ow, that's not enough. You must see your own self, when my dad laid down on the bed, couldn't move, in his terrible pain, and the poop came out from his torn rectal bag. Imagine I stand there all alone, waited 3 hours for my mom to come back home and together clean my dad from his smelly things.

Yes, I am angry, totally angry when you mentioned this kind of words during dad left me.
I don't like to be a comparison.
I hate when my mom compare you and me.
I hate when my bf compare me with another girls.
And I hate when you compare your life with my life.
We are different and we are unique. So, please stop comparing!
(I might be sounds very rude, but this is what I felt since `15 years ago)

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