Thursday, September 9, 2010

I am Busy

Yes! I am busy since this afternoon.
Have been busy the whole day for unnecessary stuff.
So, we decided to join this competition in Facebook (another tool for any companies to promote their stuff, cool right?)

It organized by Citin Hotel and they came out with this competition called 'Take a snap, win a nap'
The rule is simple. What we need to do is just take a picture with your friend in a park and came out with the tagline 'I love to stay in Citin Garden Resort because .....'
So after we brainstorm we came out with this tagline:
'We love to stay in Citin Garden Resort because they do not give empty promises =)'
I believe our tagline is not bad compare to the rest! :)

The first winner will be able to stay for free in Citin Hotel, Pattaya for 2 nights in superior pool view and free daily buffet breakfast for two persons. Second and third winner will be able to stay for one night only.
wohoo!!! :) So, imagine tat.. How could you miss this chance? Me and my housemates has been crazy to find people for like this photo.. :)

Credit photo:
Model: Aizuddin, Jane, ALice, and Me.
Photographer: Vinny Bunny Wijaya.
Editing: Christin Natalia, Kang.
Location: LCS Kurnia Leisure, Selangor, Malaysia.

I hope we can win this competition and we can go for holiday! :)
So, without any doubt, I encourage all of you as the readers to sign in your facebook and search for 'CITIN HOTEL' and like it the page.
Lastly, please like this picture! (Click here)! :)
Your thumb is needed for us and we appreciated it! :):):)

Have a nice day, pips! =D and happy holiday!
ow, I hope you like my new blog layout.. The header is taken in my hometown! It's a real picture anyway.. :)

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