Tuesday, August 31, 2010

a Letter in red day

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A quick update from the college life.
I supposed to continue my work by now but then I need something new to release my burden.
So, here I am.. I am writing and sharing my thought for the readers :)

Frankly speaking, this is the time where I need to enjoy my life.
In fact, it's just a few months to go till the graduation day come (hmm, like 9 months more to go?)
It became a common question for me when people asked:

Q: "So, when you will graduate,girl? Why your study is so long?
Doesn't it study overseas like in Malaysia is faster than Indonesia?"

This question is kind of an irritating question for me, where lots people will thought that I can't finish my study in time. No man! I am enjoying my study life, actually!

So I replied

A: Ow, yea. I am done with my diploma last January 2010. And it's time for me to get my degree. And dun worry I will finish my degree by next year! Just in time :) (crossing my finger)

Speaking about future is a nightmare. I am too scared for looking forward about that life.
There are only 2 options available that I need to decide: follow my hurt to find a job over here and wish that I can get a PR or at least working permit from the Gov OR I will go back home for good.
Hahahahaha... Sooner or later the truth will speak.

So, what I need to do now is enjoying my life whenever I can and try my best to score.
I might be not as clever or diligent like other students, but I am trying my best in my own way :)

Ow, one more thing that I need to share with you.
A broadcasting field is not that EASY! You need to have a talent on writing, imagination, drawing, creativity, skill on camera, and PASSION!
This is what I felt when I was doing my first assignment on IFTP.
It's fun thou but lots things to do. =D

Lastly, Happy Independence to MALAYSIA! :)
Hope there will be an improvement from Malaysia and they will growing better! =D
All the best


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