Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Everybody is shouting out for HOLIDAY!

Kind of thousand years didn't update my blog till i almost forget the password its.

Well, I suppose to do my work but the feeling has always come and hit me.

I have totally no mood on doing anything..

I have been drag my self to write this blog, so i don't feel guilty because at least I am doing something today. :D

So yea, anyway, it's been my own principles for this year ( i guess)


Degree life almost killing me off for a few months ago...
I never expect the things will be this tough..
Up and down, tears and happiness appear during this period and I am getting bored of it!
So, let's discuss our plan to go HOLIDAY baby! :)

Boyfriend has plan to go Langkawi.. Rumors said it's a heaven of liquor.. AND it's cheaper than duty free! Wohoo~~!! =D
Sounds great right? hmm, bunch of groups will pop up and going for this trip..
Yet, the sad things is I can't be able to join them.. :(

Langkawi (sources taken from

Will promise you to come along in the next trip ya... :D
Feel sad because i need to miss one of the nice part after college, but there's the reason why behind it.. Thanks for the understanding! =D

So yea, move on! Plan 2... ^^
It's cameron highland.. It's my desire to go to this place.. The green, strawberries, cold, and peaceful! :D

It's cameron Highland, Babe! =D
(Sources taken from Google)

Plan 3, from the up let's go to down..
PD...!!! Went here for few times but I want to enjoy and stay there for one day! can I? hahahahha... :D


Plan 4, Even though I am Indonesian... But, I haven't been to here before...

Hell ya! I want to go Bali and enjoy the beach + shooppinngggg.... :) :)

Plan 5, It's time to go Bandung! Againn...!!
The food, the place, friends, and shopping of course! Looking forward for the correct time so that I can come and visit this city...
It will always full with traffic jam but this place is really nice...


Plan 6,
As what Mum has promisee me, after dad recover and come back as normal...
Time for us to go have fun and enjoy our days... :D

Hongkong or Taipei...?

I wish the time will come. Hoping daddy will totally recover from his sickness and he can enjoy his life with his beloved wife.. additionally with us, the children.. :) and his grandchild.. :)

I hope this is not just a plan but I wish I can go to all of this place for this year! ;)
Saving money first ya....!! =)

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