Friday, May 7, 2010


The pain is really killing me slowly inside and outside.
It's not even 1 week i came back from the holiday last two weeks, and now i need to suffer again.
I miss the previous time when I was chilling in my hometown.
Cooking, gardening, relaxing, jogging, playing around.

I can do anything like I wish..
I was totally free during that time.
I miss the oldies part when I can see my face laughing and smile every time.

I hate the reality and I hate depression.
I hate emo time and I hate to play around with my own imagination.

Frankly, I really hate with what I am doing now...
Typing out all my sickness in front of public..
And people will laugh on my weaknesses side.
Great and awesome..!!

Thumbs up for the life! Thanks

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